2016 Board of Directors

Meda White 

Vice President
Philisha Stephens 

Susan Sierra

Tereasa Burkett


Other Valuable Positions

Membership Chair
Kim Adams

Newsletter Editor
Alicia Coleman

Aidee Ladnier

Luncheon Chair 
Cara Dawn Jones

PAN Liaison
Ingrid Seymour

PRO Liaison
Karen Ray

Milestones & Recognition
Ali Hubbard

Social Media
Naima Simone

Contest Coordinator, Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence
Mina Khan/Julia Muscari

Contest Coordinator, Linda Howard Award of Excellence
Jennifer Ray



New: Linda Howard Award of Excellence Winners announced!

Mission Statement

Southern Magic promotes excellence in romantic fiction, helps writers become published and establish careers in their writing field, and provides continuing support for writers within the romance publishing industry.

Why the name Southern Magic?

We took it from the city where we hold our meetings. Between 1881 and 1920, Birmingham, Alabama, grew at such an astounding rate that it earned the nickname "The Magic City." Check out the history.

Got the magic? Want to join us?

Please come for a visit! Visitors must be 18 or older. You may attend two general meetings in a 12-month period without joining. Visitors who wish to attend more often must join Southern Magic.

Members must be 18 or older in accordance with Romance Writers of America® (RWA) rules. You must be a member of RWA to join Southern Magic. Click here to find out more about becoming an RWA member.

Once you receive your RWA number, click here to join Southern Magic. You will log in and pay through the RWA site. First-time membership for one year is $25. Membership renewal is $20.


Kim Adams
Lisa Bailey
Stephanie Beaver
Angela Blount
Betty Bolte'
Katherine Bone
Diana Bristow
Tereasa Burkett
Caragh Byford
Nancee Cain
Lexxi Callahan
Marie Campbell
Susan Carlisle
Brina Cary
Jillian Chantal
J.T. Cheyanne
Sherry Cole
Alicia Coleman
Heather Cover
Jennifer Echols
Jamie Farrell
Larynn Ford
Kerry Freeman
Lexi George

Debra Glass
Christine Glover
Ella Grace
Paula Graves
Lisabet Green
Lynn Raye Harris
Laura Hayden
Gwen Hernandez
Jean Hovey
Ali Hubbard
Callie James
Suzanne Johnson

Julie Johnstone
Kat Jones
Mina Khan
Aidee Ladnier
Heather Leonard
Dianna Love
Bambi Lynn
Pam Mantovani

Hildie McQueen
Melba Moon
Julia Muscari
Jill Odom
Alicia Hunter Pace
Jennifer Ray
Karen Ray
Christy Reece
Susan E. Reynolds
Kit Rocha
Moira Rogers
Susannah Sandlin
Ingrid Seymour
Naima Simone
Philisha B. Stephens
Carla Swafford
Meda White
Gayle Wilson

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